IMR International is a provider of medical education in the form of self directed continuing medical education (CME) 
and continuing professional development (CPD)

Our activities and programs are delivered via live streamed webcasts (or post event conference highlights),
as well as live and streamed symposium (or post event highlights),
and are typically made available to doctors and other healthcare professionals via independent digital and web based
portals for doctors.

Our team of writers and scientific staff work across a range of therapeutic and disease areas.
We work to develop and deliver innovative accredited and non accredited programs.

Our client list includes many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.
IMR International (Australia) Pty Ltd is a wholly independent entity operating in 
alliance with the EPG Communication Holdings Company and associated EPG Health Group businesses
and digital channels for doctors

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Governed by the highest ethical standards, our agency strictly maintains a policy of 
integrity, honesty, and professionalism with our work, and confidentiality for all our clients.